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Unison Globus- How do we work for our clients?

Our outsourcing company is the industry leader in the world of finance, taxation, and accounting. Our incomparable accounting and bookkeeping services make your work easier and deliver exceptional results.

The team at Unison Globus undertakes detailed comprehension of your core business. It keeps in mind the size and structure of your firm to deliver a comprehensive, flexible and personalized methodology. Thus, we provide the best custom-made solutions for accounting practices.

Work Stages adopted at Unison Globus

Selecting the befitting accounting and financial solutions depends on the accounting company's present clientele, prior work experience, and conviction. Apart from this, the structure of work trailed by your accounting firm needs to be on the right track. At Unison Globus, we have defined a set of strategies that assure that the quality is consistent with meeting deadlines.

The work stages which we follow are mentioned below:

  • 1) Discovery Call:

    We conduct a "No Obligation" discovery call, enter into heads of CPAs/ EAs and enlighten the client on the need analysis (Onshore and Offshore both). This will give them a broad understanding that can improve their productivity, efficiency, and profit.

  • 2) Paramount Emphasis on Security and Safety:

    Unison Globus has a complete amalgamation of dual-level security as an onshore company with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure akin to an offshore venture. We deliver security and safety valuation results every quarter to our specific clients to determine our standard parameters.

  • 3) In-depth Documentation:

    We have a robust documentation process that encompasses enlisting a comprehensive proposal and executing a transition plan that integrates the new system instead of the existing process.

  • 4) Practical Recommendations for Tech Infrastructure:

    With extensive experience in handling big sharks of CPA / EA Firms, we endorse the best fit tech environment in terms of hardware/connectivity/software to use. Our company strongly encourages using the RPA process for integration purposes.

  • 5) On-premise CRM:

    Our customers remain our top priority in every service endeavor. Therefore, we have formulated and implemented an in-house CRM system to maintain a detailed record of the progress of our work. This aids us in planning our strategies within a stipulated time and precisely addressing the minutest of your needs.

  • 6) Independent Quality Assurance Department:

    Our Quality and Assurance Department meticulously meets our client firms' expectations and time frameworks. In addition, our competent professionals do an exhaustive assessment of every accounting, bookkeeping, and tax project. As a result, we adhere to the quality of services and deliverables.

    The team also preserves documentation in support of our QA endorsement. We refine the processes to achieve the highest peak of qualitative deliverables.

  • 7) Robust IT Support

    Our team stays abreast with the latest tech tools in the accounting and fin-Tech world in this techno-driven world. We have an excellent in-house IT and development department with skilled technology specialists. As a result, we are familiar with all the renowned accounting software tools employed worldwide.

  • 8) Intensive Training

    We offer a rigorous training process to our offline team as well as the onshore team for seamless operations and easy adaptations of the new systems. Furthermore, appropriate communication protocols between the different groups are maintained to enable a harmonious collaboration.

  • 9) Solid Service Level Agreements

    Unison Globus implements strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with the clients that contain a proper understanding of the project's deliverable services, cost, and timeline. We also maintain transparency in every contract with each client. Therefore, any ambiguity gets avoided to the best possible extent.

  • 10) International Staff Exchange Program through our Independent Affiliate "Legacy Academy":

    We have the real-world apparatus for the "International Staff Exchange Program" to give practical and live training and equip teams for international exposure and optimize efficiency.

Unique Attributes of Unison Globus

We are a sterling accounting and financial outsourcing company that delivers innovative services at an affordable cost.

A Dynamic Workforce
  • We have the best-in-class accountants, bookkeepers, and tax professionals who have the desired experience to cater to accounting firms globally. In addition, they stay informed about the latest regulatory changes and industry trends, which help deploy superior outsourcing services.

Increased competence with a core focus
  • We give you remote staffing solution services and commoditized back services like accountant services, bookkeeping services, and tax services, allowing ACCA Firms, CPA Firms, Bookkeeping Firms, and EA Firms to concentrate on the essential. It makes you focus on the core business development rather than financial data.

United work approach
  • Our entire team is a close-knit unit that concertedly handles our clientele. We provide customized solutions and closely work together with our clients to create endless success stories.

  • Unison Globus staunchly works to retain the best quality service delivery for every client. We stay unique in delivering varied professional services in the finance and accounting domain. Our entity has nurtured an entirely quality-driven culture.

Complete Transparency
  • Unison Globus firmly abides by the core values of integrity, accountability, and trust. Therefore, we forthrightly discuss all the aspects of our services with our prospective and present clients at all costs.

Systematic Communication
  • Our company guarantees that our team is accessible 24/7 to support our clients with clear and personalized communication. We implement reasonable measures to ensure cogent to-and-fro communication. We stay receptive to your queries and necessities and keep you updated with the progress of your tasks.

Modernized Technology Amenities
  • We employ front-line technology inclinations in the finance and accounting industry. As a result, our company has a profound suite of nifty accounting, tax, and payroll software systems. With our support, your firm's technological dexterity multiplies immensely.

Firm Commitment
  • Unison Globus is committed to its promises and delivers prompt results. Our dedication to improving the business prospects of our clients makes us stand out in the market. It makes us a solid choice for CPAs, EAs, and ACCAs.

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