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    Our team of experienced tax professionals calculates sales tax rates for their products and services, taking into account factors such as location, product type, and exemption status.
    We understand that sales tax filing can be complex and time-consuming. That’s why we handle the entire process on behalf of our clients, ensuring they meet all filing requirements and deadlines to avoid penalties and interest charges.
    Our tax experts assist businesses in paying their sales tax liabilities to the tax authority, making payments on time. We also provide support & guidance on payment options, including online payment methods and payment plans.
    Our team performs regular sales tax reconciliations to match sales tax data with accounting records, identifies any discrepancies, and solves them immediately. This helps our clients to avoid costly errors and audits by tax authorities

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    We assess our clients' sales tax compliance needs and identify any gaps or areas of improvement.


    We develop a customized compliance solution tailored to our client's specific needs and requirements


    We implement the compliance solution, including sales tax registrations and tax data management.

    Ongoing Management

    We provide ongoing sales tax compliance management, including audit assistance and sales tax expert advice.
    • Expertise: Our tax professionals have extensive experience in sales tax compliance and can provide valuable insights and guidance.

    • Efficiency: Our streamlined process and advanced software tools ensure accurate and efficient sales tax compliance management.

    • Flexibility: We offer customized compliance solutions tailored to our client's specific needs and requirements.

    • Compliance: We help businesses stay compliant with tax authority regulations, avoiding costly penalties and legal issues.

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    Sales tax compliance refers to the process of meeting all the sales tax filing obligations and requirements set by the tax authority, ensuring timely and accurate payments.
    Unison Globus can help businesses with their sales tax compliance needs by providing services such as sales tax calculation, filing, liability payment, reconciliation, and audit assistance, using software that ensures accuracy and efficiency.
    Common sales tax filing obligations for businesses operating in the United States include collecting and remitting sales tax, filing sales tax returns, maintaining sales tax records, and staying up-to-date with changes in sales tax rates and regulations.
    A nexus study is an analysis of a business’s activities in a state to determine whether it has a substantial presence, or nexus, in that state and is therefore required to collect and remit sales tax.
    Businesses can benefit from outsourcing their sales tax compliance management to Unison Globus by saving time and resources, ensuring compliance with tax regulations, avoiding penalties and fines, and having access to tax professionals with expertise in sales and use tax compliance.
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