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    Management accounts provide business owners critical information on the financial side of business performance.

    They will give you a “dashboard” for your business performance. On the one hand, the management accounts can give you early warning signs of negative trends in your business. On the other hand, on a positive note, the information earned leads to better business decisions, which will allow you to optimize profitability.
    We prepare weekly/quarterly/annual financial reports for critical financial analysis.

    We prepare accurate Balance sheets and detailed Profit and Loss statements.

    We study (analyze) the cash inflows and cash outflows of the business and suggest ways to improve them without affecting vendor and customer relationships.

    We also analyze which type of activity your liquidity flows more such as Operating, Investing, OR Financing.

    We help to manage all control accounts reconciliations with utmost accuracy and efficiency.

    We can help by preparing an Annual budget and Projected Cash Flow statement for your business.

    We conduct detailed comparisons and research for budgets and forecasts.

    We perform Budget v/s Actual variance analysis and come up with the reasons for the huge variance.

    We analyze your business trends to get in-depth insights into your business dynamics and assist you in making critical decisions.

    For a business like Restaurant, where Cost Analysis is essential, we can help by analyzing the Cost matrix.

    By analyzing the product mix, we can suggest how Costs can be reduced by adopting the most beneficial Product mix out of various options.

    We provide bank & Credit Card Reconciliations by preparing custom reports for bankers and stakeholders.

    For the business like Sports Events, Software subscriptions, where Deferred Revenue concepts are used to record the revenue, we maintain the detailed revenue recognition schedule to ensure the correct recording of revenue.

    In the case of a BIG business group, where there are multiple subsidiary companies to the parent company, we present an inter-company reconciliation report and consolidated financial statements to analyze the financial result of the whole group.

    We review the financials as per USGAAP, prepare a Compilation report in the standardized template, and prepare a detailed Review report with the list of open items. This is a part of our Audit Services.

    We assist you in tax preparation and tax planning by reviewing your finances.

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    • Our periodic business reports and Financial reports will help you track the overall business performance.

    • You can review profit & loss statements to understand the actual business profitability.

    • You can compare various Operational & Financial ratios of your business with industry standards which will help you to see the areas where improvement is needed.

    • We provide new suggestions based on actual performance figures.

    • We also identify problem areas and recommend damage control measures.

    • We propose measures for better cash flow and finance management.

    • Our services are scalable and customized as per your business needs.

    • With Unison Globus, you get access to a pool of accounting experts as we boast of a skilled workforce.

    I highly recommend using Unison Globus! I have been a client for the last two years and have been extremely happy with the services they provide. I have staff that are dedicated to helping me grow my business and I couldn’t do it without them! Their level of expertise has far exceeded my expectations….they are detail oriented, devoted and hard working. I have been impressed by the level of their technical knowledge and resourcefulness. I am truly grateful for my partnership with Unison Globus and honored to have them as part of my team!


    Maribeth Christensen

    Excellent Excellent Excellent, The tax return preparation & bookkeeping services provided by Unison Globus are far superior to any other competitor services. Their team provides detailed excel spreadsheet reconciliations to support the timely tax return processing. Being in the tax resolution business myself as a CPA I trust the Unison team to produce sometimes as many as 10 tax returns for a single client. IRS Revenue Agents set extreme deadlines and Unison pulls the rabbit out of the hat every time without fail to meet those timely deadlines. Do not pick a service based on a cheap price elsewhere. Unison is a proven service with vetted employees and a top notch security policy. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE. Trust me.

    Hopkins CPA Firm P.C.

    Joe Hopkins

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    Management Accounts generally include an income statement, a balance sheet, a cash statement and a brief report.
    Management accounts are used to gain a realistic view of your business performance, including the performance of your business investment, profit, and loss.
    The main difference between management and a financial account is that the management account is prepared for the internal community of the company and the financial account is for the external audience.
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