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    • We assist in complete payroll preparation (processing) such as timesheet review, payroll computation including Overtime & Bonus, managing employment taxes, state income tax, statutory deductions, and more.
    • We generate weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, or yearly Payroll as per your needs.
    • We maintain master details as well as transactional details of each employee.
    • We also carry a Payroll register per pay period.
    • We provide complete payroll services to all your employees and have specific “Executive Payroll Services” for top executives and managers.
    • We provide proper guidance in managing all your payroll tax compliances as we are specialists in statutory compliances and tax advisory.
    • As soon as Payroll gets processed, our team makes sure that payroll transactions are recorded in the books.
    • Every month, our team reconciles the payroll liability balance.
    • We can keep complete track of your payroll data and easily incorporate any additions, modifications, or deletions which usually occur due to changes in law, statutory bonuses, or compensation to the employee on account of resignation.
    • Our team will keep track of all the due dates, manage the payments and provide the essential status reports.
    • We make sure that you file the federal, state, and local tax returns on time.
    • We also take charge of processing payments for all payroll tax liabilities.
    • Our team can assist in filing various federal payroll tax forms like Form 941, 940, W2, and various state payroll tax forms.
    • On a quarterly and annual basis, our team reconciles the book payroll numbers with payroll tax returns, i.e., Form 941 & 940.

    Payroll management is a highly complex process due to the challenges of working with a considerable amount of time and attendance data. However, it is critical to any business, and one can’t afford to do away with it.

    Payroll processing is not just handling timely payment or employee queries, but it also requires extensive knowledge of local, state, and federal laws for employment in the United States.

    With our full-fledged outsourced payroll services, you get a one-stop solution for all your payroll needs.

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    • Get Details of company setup.

    • Get Details of employees.

    • Choose a payroll schedule.

    • Calculate gross pay.

    • Determine deductions.

    • Pay your employees.

    • Keep an audit payroll records

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    • We have an experienced and skilled team of experts proficient in accounting, taxes, and finances. They can easily handle the payroll needs of any business belonging to any geographical location.

    • We are leading payroll solutions providers for CPA firms and accounting firms across the USA.

    • Our solutions are customized and scalable as per enterprise needs.

    • We have the state-of-the-art technological infrastructure for seamless handling of Payroll.

    • We not only meet deadlines but also beat them.

    • Our team has experience handling payroll in different software like GUSTO, ADP, Intuit, Paychex, Paycom, and Evolution.

    • Our team has experience in integrating payroll software with accounting software.

    I highly recommend using Unison Globus! I have been a client for the last two years and have been extremely happy with the services they provide. I have staff that are dedicated to helping me grow my business and I couldn’t do it without them! Their level of expertise has far exceeded my expectations….they are detail oriented, devoted and hard working. I have been impressed by the level of their technical knowledge and resourcefulness. I am truly grateful for my partnership with Unison Globus and honored to have them as part of my team!


    Maribeth Christensen

    Excellent Excellent Excellent, The tax return preparation & bookkeeping services provided by Unison Globus are far superior to any other competitor services. Their team provides detailed excel spreadsheet reconciliations to support the timely tax return processing. Being in the tax resolution business myself as a CPA I trust the Unison team to produce sometimes as many as 10 tax returns for a single client. IRS Revenue Agents set extreme deadlines and Unison pulls the rabbit out of the hat every time without fail to meet those timely deadlines. Do not pick a service based on a cheap price elsewhere. Unison is a proven service with vetted employees and a top notch security policy. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE. Trust me.

    Hopkins CPA Firm P.C.

    Joe Hopkins

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    Payroll services include calculating employees’ pay, making any necessary deductions such as EPF contributions and third payments.

    Payroll outsourcing service at Unison Globus works in following steps:

    • Get Details of company setup.
    • Get Details of employees.
    • Choose a payroll schedule.
    • Calculate gross pay.
    • Determine deductions.
    • Pay your employees.
    • Keep an audit payroll records.
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