Outsourcing from Marketing lens – Why India is the preferred choice of Outsourcing

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Oct 31, 2022

Outsourcing from Marketing lens – Why India is the preferred choice of Outsourcing

Hello & Welcome to the Podcast setup initiated by Unison Globus the Public accountant on purpose. Today we are here with Mr. Raghvendra Tiwari, He is from the Business Development and Customer Experience Desk, and He has 8+ years of diverse experience interacting with Humans & a Sales perspective across North America & Canada.

Bhumika: Hi Raghvendra, How are you Today?

Raghvendra: – I am really Good, Thanks for having me today. How are you?

Bhumika: So today, we are here to discuss Marketing from Outsourcing Lens. Let me start with a question, very important question Why is India the preferred choice for Outsourcing for North America or any geography for that matter

Raghvendra: Thanks for asking this, India is a vast diverse economy. Let me divide my answer into 3 aspects:

  • Political
  • Economy
  • Social

Let me give you a glance at India from the Political Aspect. If you see the dollar strengthening and the rupee sliding, you know coming down the line how it will help us in Outsourcing Business. India is a developing country, it has its perks & benefits.

Here we have absolute poverty as compared to relative poverty in economies like the US, and the UK. The GDPR is comparatively very low & that’s the reason the wage rate per hour is very less as compared to other countries. Both economies are operating at very different levels.

Secondly, if I have to talk about the economical aspect, it is very easy to outsource to India because it is cost-effective. You don’t have to spend the cost of Infrastructure, Electricity, Hiring cost & training as required for the resources.

India is a highly populated country, approximately 2.64 lakh commerce graduates are coming out every year. Also, there are a lot of people in the market who are in the domain of finance & accounting, perusing CA. What I mean to say is the Talent pool is high & they seek employment.

Many of them are business-minded with good market awareness and good commitment to their carrier. People are trained & hired in bulk so you will have a difference in economies of scale.

Talking about the Social aspect, India is a socially rich country. The salient feature of Indian society rests in the Unity in diversity. India as a nation is a classic example of it as despite having multiple geographical, religious, linguistic, cultural, and racial diversities, India has always stood up as an integrated nation.

Indian society is known for its ability to tolerance and acceptance, and social cohesion making it unique in sustaining its culture.

Bhumika: Like you drew a nice picture in front of How India looks from a Business perspective to a USA CPA/EA. I noticed a very interesting thing, you talked about the social aspect at the end, is it a mere coincidence or that’s how your answer was built?

Raghvendra: I am glad you noticed, so I preferred answering the social aspect at last as our values are the core of us. India is not the preferred choice because of the large population but the Traits of Indian Modern Day youth, are talented, focus committed, and determined toward their goals in life.

You see all of the Top USA MNCs have Indian CEOS, because of their hard work, dedication, and Critical Thinking. This is the India we are talking about.

Bhumika: Spoken like a True proud Indian. You gave a brief picture of what India looks like and why India is the preferred choice for Outsourcing, you have rightly answered it and now we can understand where is such a strong bond and preference for Outsourcing to India, Like Indian people are very hearty people, very vibrant.

I think this was a very nice conversation, very different from the others we have in the troop. Thank you so much for coming here, I am glad you could spare some time.

Bhumika to Listeners: I hope this has been an insightful episode for you all and you enjoyed Listening.

To know more about Unison Globus visit us at www.unisonglobus.com

Thank you

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