10 Quotes From Suits Unison Globus Abide By

The Management Team

1. “I Don’t Play The Odds, I Play The Man.” – Vijesh Zinzuwadia

Vijesh Zinzuwadia is the best of both Worlds, He is Winner when it comes to Persuasion. He can show you sunset in the brightest of afternoons.

The Unison Globus team’s Jessica Pearson is Vijesh Zinzuwadia. His strong leadership, Ruthless Persistence Aggressive Strategic Management, and Ability to motivate others have made it possible for him to build to manage a strong and loyal legacy to look forward to.

Unison Globus has achieved things that were previously unthinkable, Thanks to his Vision, Logic, and quick-wittedness.

He plays the Guy because he has built that Credible Network over the years and is very aware of WHAT TO STAKE, WHEN.

2. “When You Are Backed Against The Wall, Break The Goddamn Thing Down.” – Uday Ranpara

From The Directorial Desk of Unison Globus, Uday Ranpara is Harvey Spector of UG. He is actually the best closer in the city and you cannot deny his Charm and GOOD LOOKS. Uday Ranpara is a profound Academician and pioneer of Unison Globus, An Ideal Entrepreneur His Presence has altogether a different aura, Winning is his Favourite game and for that, he’s always up and going.

3. “Win a No-Win Situation by Rewriting The Rules.” – Hardik Shah

Hardik Shah is Able, Capable, and much more than a Leader. He is the director of Initiatives and Goal Accomplishment, UG team has diversified into services of Financial Analysis and Auditing under the Incredible Leadership of Hardik Shah.

Hardik Shah

Delegating, inspiring, and communicating are all skills that Hardik possesses with a level of Honesty, Confidence, Devotion, and Inventiveness.

Hardik Shah is a Jack-of-all-Trades on the Unison Globus team. In addition to his strategic planning abilities, he possesses expertise in data governance areas such as risk management, disaster recovery, compliance, and others.

4. “That’s The Difference Between YOU And ME. You Wanna Lose Small, I Wanna Win Big.” – Tejas Ghadiyali

Tejas Ghadiyali

William Shakespeare once wrote, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” Tejas Ghadiyali, the visionary of the Unison Globus, is self-motivated and able to persevere despite failures. He’s a trustworthy boss who keeps his word and delivers on his commitments.

Because of Foresightedness, he is able to deal with stress and dissatisfaction. Tejas’s strong leadership characteristic has allowed him to overcome challenges without interfering with the business’s objective or goals, which is to be expected in any organization.

Because he’s emotionally secure & has the experience, he can remain calm under pressure. His desire to win big sets him apart from others. His superb management skills don’t affect his decision-making judgment.

He can calm a crisis and guide the team to productive solutions.

5. IT’s not bragging if it’s true – Charles McKissick & The team

Because of his success in vast diversified sales, Charles McKissick contributes significantly to the operation of UG. He is confident, likable, and analytical, due to which he is able to partner with the Qualitative Clientele base for UG. Charles works toward establishing a solid, professional relationship with the client and building rapport between the company and the client by concentrating on qualitative rather than quantitative descriptions.

While Mahipal and Raghvendra are the pillars of the BD team of Unison Globus as they both, instead of making broad, unprovable claims, provide evidence in the form of statistics and numbers. In addition, knowledge is the primary focus of their attention.

They both have the best interests of the customer in mind. Because of their many qualities, such as “excellent listeners,” “Multitaskers,” “wide worldviews,” and “cultural awareness,” they can assist in the development of positive relationships with customers, which ultimately leads to successful commercial transactions (long-term business).

6. “Life Is Like This. I Like This.” – Rishita Shah

A prominent Leading Lady in the Tax Department of the UG team, Rishita Shah, is Harvey Spector of her own little Land, Mr. Sachin Valand is Mike to her, mentored by Rishita, and He supervises a team of Tax professionals in an impactful manner.

Rishita Shah is empathetic to the needs of her Team members and a tireless worker. She is articulate and dedicated to her Profession. She is Strong Headed, Opinionated lady with a voice of her Own and the Guts to Take Stand for the same. UG Team Respects her.

Her work speaks for her before she greets.

UG Values her contribution over the years more than that also because she adheres to a rigid code of ethics.

7. “Don’t Raise Your Voice, Improve Your Argument.” – Ishan Bhavsar

The AVP of Accounts & Finance at Unison Globus is a Hardworking, Punctual, and Diligent. Loyalty is his best asset.

Like Louis Litt, Associates (Trainees) are the most prized Possession of Ishan Bhavsar. He trains them with Technical Competencies and nurtures them into full-grown Professionals.

Louis Litt writes full proof BY-LAWS, Constitution at Pearson Hardman, Ishan Bhavsar at Unison Globus writes no mistake Training Modules for Accounting and Taxation, encourages employees to upscale their knowledge.

He believes truly in the Fact “STAY UPDATED STAY RELEVANT “

8. “You Always Have a Choice.” – Recruitment Team

From the Human Resource Management Desk, Harsh Vyas, The Talent Acquisition Specialist who possesses 8+ years of Experience in Recruiting right from Fresh Talents to Leadership roles. He is an Empathetic person.

Human Resource Team

If you are sad or Gloomy, He is the First to reach out, He definitely can make you smile. Oh God and he is an awesome Singer.

His Professional Expertise and strength are from within, The nature and core values he is built on, on the contrary, Because his profession allows him to meet and greet a large flock of Minds on a daily basis gives him a deep insight into Human Behaviour and Industry at scale.

9. “Every day is a Hustle. DO I get Tired? Yes. DO I give up? NO. ”  –  IT Team (Network Administrator, Automation Experts, PHP Developer)

We cannot deny the Importance of Automation and the Internet in today’s time. And definitely not in the Accounting & Taxation Outsourcing firm, we are tech-intensive.

To succeed, you need to have a great team. As the company’s backbone, the technical staff of Unison Globus is indispensable. These experts unpack a successful company and innovation structure (Led by Our Manager Harshal Patel) and discover better results when working together rather than in silos.

When it comes to communication and work methods, our tech team sees patterns. They have a lot of energy and are constantly ready to go. The team is energized by their presence. Such a good vibe is contagious. They spread like wildfire. (Jayesh, Ankit, ‘Dharmendra, Chintan) & Digital Marketing Team.

Even in times of crisis (Changing office locations, Working from Home during pandemic panic) our ordinarily upbeat IT team isn’t overflowing with agitation.

Instead, the team is focused on finding a solution to the problem.

UG’s IT team maintains composure and focus in the face of adversity because they know it won’t last forever. They calmly resolve and generate something useful even if the problem isn’t resolved.

10. “Winners Don’t Make Excuses.” – All Employees of Unison

Unison Globus employees are hardworking, qualified professionals. The hustle to get things done is what keeps them rolling. Instead of just letting things slide, the team works together and tries to find ways to make things move more smoothly.

This is because everyone on the team has a distinct attitude, and personality traits, and that differing attitude is an integral part of who they are. What all they have in common and imbibed is their desire and conviction to carry forward the legacy, vision, and Core values forward.

There are no winners or losers in life but rather a Journey of Progression, and the UG team believes that it teaches them the art of moving forward.

Photo Credits: Sohil Ashvin Shah

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