How to get bookkeeping clients from home?

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Nov 10, 2021

How to get bookkeeping clients from home?

Digital bookkeeping is a profession that has the potential to offer much more than the offline industry. This emerging territory has recently become the talk of the town as an online bookkeeping activity that does not demand any specific qualification.

If you are a meticulous observer and have an ardent love for numbers, you can become a bookkeeping professional in no time. Moreover, you will become an integral part of a business venture and handle their essential financial data.

But what strains most people is the marketing strategy behind online bookkeeping. As you feel confined to your home spaces, reaching out to clients from various sectors is arduous.

So, in this article, we address how to get bookkeeping clients? Amidst growing competition, we will look at where to find bookkeeping clients.

How to get your first bookkeeping client?

If you are a qualified CPA or EA and thinking of starting your own bookkeeping business from home, this guide is for you. To start a business from home, you need a solid online presence.

Hence, we begin with building an online website with all the information about your services, contact number, and business cards. It can be a single or double page, depending on your wish. What is vital is communicating effectively to avoid any diversion. Once established, you are free to proceed.

Building Website But remember, the tedious process hasn’t started yet. Clients will not approach you as soon as the site is live, even if you have a great website and all the must-haves.

So, how to get bookkeeping clients? Well, it depends on your ability to spread the word or what we call marketing. But before you make the next move, try to define your ideal client! You can determine the qualities of a perfect client by seeking an answer to the following questions:

  • What industry are you targeting?
  • Which business size are you looking for?
  • How much can you dedicate to a client?
  • What are the fundamentals of their bookkeeping needs?
  • How much is the standard budgets of companies?
  • What are their services?
  • Where is the location of your clients?
  • What can you do to improve their present condition?
  • What are their business philosophies and mission?

Once you have cleared this, the next thing is to find a bookkeeping marketing expert. Building a customized site will surely improve your traffic and attract more people to your business. Make sure your site ranks well in Google and utilize various online platforms to market your site.

How to find bookkeeping clients?

1. Create motivational strategies to get referrals from clients

If the question lingering in your brain is how to find bookkeeping clients, we recommend you conduct an incentive program for your present clients.

This will benefit you by obtaining referrals from them to optimize your portfolio and create value for your business. Additionally, this also helps in boosting your relationship with clients and creating an image of an overall positive workspace.

2. Speak at a public event

Do you wish to get more attention to your business? Well, grab any opportunity to speak at a local business club or conference. You can go to a gathering and start canvassing and spreading words to get your targeted goals.

Besides, one thing that can get the recognition of clients is an expert explanation and validation of your business. Only through building trust and establishing relatability can you find the potential customer.

3. Write blogs

Are you wondering how to get bookkeeping clients? Marketing using blogs and articles can easily amplify your traffic. Most customers lack knowledge about the changes happening in the financial industry.

Hence, you can start writing about tax compliances, and new updates and facilitate reliable information to create an advanced platform. Additionally, doing this shows your resilience and confidence in handling your business.

4. Communicate using LinkedIn

Another question that worries most is where to find bookkeeping clients? As the current industry has the boons of various omnichannel and online platforms, you can advertise your business literally anywhere.

One such professional platform is LinkedIn. Daily, thousands of companies all over the country post jobs related to various bookkeeping activities.

Hence, you can connect with these employers simply by researching them and building an attractive profile. You can spend a few hours communicating with clients and building networks. Consult with our business development team to know more about it.

5. Go local

Apart from stepping the game ahead, it is also preferable to seek the assistance of the local vendors. These will be the people you know and those who already have an established relationship with you.

Providing outsourcing services to local businesses will help you build a community and grow your network.

6. Paid promotional activities

Are you running out of options to market yourself locally? Are you worried about how to get bookkeeping clients? Then, you can move to more advanced prospects – Paid promotions.

Paid Promotional Activities

For this, you need to find a framework via Google, Twitter, or Facebook. You may be a regular user of these social media sites.

However, doing promotion is an entirely new paradigm. Multiple paid promotional service providers can back you with meaningful campaigns.

7. Volunteering

Meeting someone new every day is crucial for your scalability. This requires not just online work but also your physical presence.

To build a foundation for your business, you can volunteer in a non-profit organization and get to know your clients and your locality. Along with this, you can even offer a teaching program to local schools.

Teaching is an underappreciated way of gaining the attention of new clients. Schools and universities always welcome people with skills and knowledge to create opportunities for their students.

8. Conduct webinars

Webinars, video presentations, seminars, and lectures are good ways of communicating the technicalities and your exclusive services to a broader circle.

Conduct Webinars

It can help build your image as a professional and an expert in the field. If you are puzzled about where to find bookkeeping clients, this can be a starting point to build a name for yourself. You can get a free consultation from our experts to learn about platforms for these webinars.

9. Connect with your past clients

Growing your network means creating pipelines to establish a long-term connection with clients. Forgetting clients soon after you finish a business is not an ideal trait of professionalism.

Instead, it is vital to consistently maintain good communication with your past clients so that they can even introduce you to their networks.

As you are already a part of their internal niche, you can review their current process and build a portfolio to tell them how you can improve their current status.

10. Find your place in directories

Are you puzzled about how to get your first bookkeeping client? An efficient way to promote your business is getting your firm listed on different reliable directories.

It is necessary because when people need bookkeeping services, they will search for the best bookkeeping services near them. In such cases, finding your name in additional sources will improve your possibilities.

Following these ideas will boost you if you seek alternative ways to create a promotional channel. Whatever your approach is, measure your results quantitatively to understand if your adopted strategy is effective or not.

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Are you in a dilemma regarding how to get bookkeeping clients? Unison Globus can be your ally. We have helped numerous accounting practices to scale their business in the US. You can approach our masterly team of CPAs to understand how to find bookkeeping clients online. Reach out today!

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